Community Standards

Our mission is to create healthy communities through sport, becoming the world’s most engaging and socially-connecting sports provider.

We’ve established these Community Standards to ensure that EVERYONE who participates – players, referees, facilitators, and fans – have a ten-star experience.

That experience is only possible when everyone feels safe and respected.

Failure to abide by the standards outlined below may result in the forfeiture of the privilege to participate in our matches and use our app. Additionally, if you’re suspended, you waive your right to any refunds.

Finally, this is a living and breathing document. We are constantly improving it to ensure it meets the needs of our community. Your feedback is appreciated and always welcome. We consider it a gift.

Safety comes first.

We want a safe experience for everyone. To that end, everyone has an important role. We expect players to follow the established rules of the game and referees to enforce them. We will not tolerate unsafe behavior, unwanted physical contact, or other acts of gross negligence.

For example, when playing soccer, there is no slide tackling, which unnecessarily endangers others. Moreover, physical contact outside the bounds of the game (unwanted sexual contact, shoving, fighting, kicking, punching, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

Ultimately, it’s about respect.

Treat everyone in our community as you would like to be treated yourself: with respect. The actions you take can have a big impact on the experience of others. Sportsmanship and courtesy matter. Nobody likes to play with (or against) a poor sport or uncourteous person. That’s why you are expected to exercise good judgment and behave decently towards other people when participating in play or using our app. Importantly, remember that our strength as a community is our diversity. You will meet people who look differently and think differently than you. Please respect those differences. We believe that everyone should feel supported and welcomed. We will not tolerate discriminatory, disrespectful, or hurtful behavior.

For example, always try to be on time for your match because nobody likes to wait. Please do not demean other players in a way that makes it difficult to have fun.


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