Check out the common questions below. If you still need help, just let us know!

What if I want to change teams?

We are committed to helping you find a team you love. After every match, you can rate your team’s chemistry, and if we see an issue on the team, we’ll try to help resolve it. Additionally, it’s easy to leave your team and join the free agent pool to find another any time. The advantage of playing in our 4 week Rounds is, you’ll never be stuck for long with a team you don’t love. You can also contact us any time if you’re unhappy, and we’ll help any way we can.

Is the price per player or per team?

Every player pays their own way. You can either be a subscriber, and pay for 4 matches at a time (a “round”), or pay as you go for each match (for a more expensive price per match.

How does payment work as a subscriber?

It’s a lot like a gym membership.When you first join or create a team, you’ll pay the subscriber rate for a full 4-week round (unless you are joining in the middle of a round, in which case you’ll pay a prorated amount).

A week before each 4-week round ends (so just before your final match), you’ll be scheduled and charged for the following round.

For as long you’re subscribed, and you’re on a team with at least the minimum amount of subscribers required, you’ll be charged and placed in all 4 matches of every Round. If your team is short on players and is not scheduled for matches, you will not be charged, even if your profile is subscribed.

You can unsubscribe at any time with no charge.

What happens if my team has to forfeit because not enough players show up?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you think this might happen!

Generally, we’ll always have a match for whoever shows up. If your team is short on players, though, you may need to give a “technical forfeit.” This means that, in terms of the official record, the other team will win.

However, all the members of your team who do show up are free at that point to grab anyone who wants to play and have a scrimmage against the other team. Sometimes the other team will even split up, with some players joining your side to make it even. The referee will likely still call the match but can join in as a player if requested.

Are these leagues Co-Ed? Are there any rules on that?

All our leagues are co-ed, but there are no rules regarding girls on the team. Everyone is treated the same. You could have an all-girls team, an all-guys team, or anything in between. We just recommend everyone be of a similar skill level.

How do I change my status for a league?

Open up your app, and at the top left of the Home tab, click on your profile picture. Swipe to the league where you want to change your status, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see your status, and have the ability to edit it to whatever you’d like.


The AREENA app and leagues offer an immersive rec sports experience for adults, with stat tracking, skill matching, leaderboards and team messaging. Subscribe and play soccer or basketball year round, or pay by game or match with zero commitments.

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