Check out the common questions below. If you still need help, just let us know!

Are these leagues Co-Ed?

Currently, all of our leagues are co-ed. There are no rules on the ratio of men to women. You may have an all-women team, an all-men team, or anything in between. We just recommend everyone be of a similar skill level.

Is the price per player or per team?

For our soccer leagues, it's per player. For our basketball leagues, it's per team. Please visit www.areenasports.com/leagues for more info!

What if I want to change teams?

We are committed to helping you find a team you love. After every match, you can rate your team’s chemistry, and if we see an issue on the team, we’ll try to help resolve it. Please contact us any time if you’re unhappy, and we’ll help any way we can.

How do playoffs work?

Every season is 7 weeks long. If you make the playoffs, you will play the following (8th week) in a single elimination playoff bracket. Winners (of top division if there are multiple divisions) get AREENA t-shirts, a picture with the league trophy, and a shoutout on social media. Teams eligible for playoffs depends on the size of the league, but typically for an 8 team league the top 4 teams make playoffs. Please see the Standings in your Player App for current rankings.

What is the Jersey policy?

- Reversible jerseys with numbers on the front and back are required. You can purchase them in the app under the More tab, under "Store". It takes 7-10 business days for them to be ready.
- You don't have to purchase them from us if you have other means. If you do order them from us, please contact Team Sports Dallas for any updates on your order. Their number is (214) 378-5191 and their email is ORDERS@TEAMSPORTSDALLAS.COM.Please have them ready by your first game.
- If you order them and they do not arrive on time, there will be a limited amount of them to rent from the Commissioner onsite. They are $8 each to rent, paid via CashApp ($AreenaSports) or Venmo (@AreenaSports). We just ask that you give them back at the end of your game.

- AREENA doesn’t provide jerseys. Please coordinate with your team to agree on the same colored shirt (no numbers required), and bring a backup white or black shirt in case your opponent wears the same color!

What is the Forfeit Policy?

- Teams must notify League Commissioner of forfeit (0 players coming) 24+ hours before the match 
- Anything outside of that window, or no communication at all will be penalized

- The penalty is a fine charged to the Team Captain’s account. Team Captain can coordinate between their team to distribute amongst themselves
- No Call, No Show: If a team forfeits and there is no communication.
A fine of $40 will be charged to the Team Captain’s account and the team will have a strike added to their attendance record.
- <6 Hours: If a team forfeits within 6 hours of the first game of their league that week.
A fine of $20 will be charged to the Team Captain’s account and the team will have a strike added to their attendance record.
- 6-24 Hours: If a team forfeits between 6-24 hours of the first game of their league that week.
There is no fine. The penalty is a strike toward their attendance record

- Any team that forfeits (0 players coming)/no-shows once in one round will be given a warning
- Any team that forfeits (0 players coming)/no-shows twice in 1 round, will be removed from the schedule immediately and suspended from the next round (even if it’s playoffs)

- If players wish to protest a suspension or fine, they can email support@areenasports.com
- Please include the league name, team name, league commissioner, and why they feel a penalty isn’t warranted

Click here to see the full details of the Forfeit Policy.


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