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“AREENA is a massive upgrade from LeagueApps, which we previously used. I’m most excited that they have created an “all in one” app that allows me to run my operation in a much more efficient manner”

Owner of Dallas Soccer Alliance (Top 10 largest outdoor soccer leagues in Texas) and Crossbar (indoor soccer leagues)

Mobile player app

Players in your league will have access to an intuitive mobile app packed with features to help manage their experience.


The player registration process in our leagues is seamless. First time players fill out a simple form, and can continue playing in future season with (literally) one click.

Roster Management

Teams in our system continue from one season to another, and managing membership is as easy as sending a link. They also get their own team chat in the app which updates as the roster fluctuates. Gone is the need for a separate GroupMe etc. group chat.

Stat Tracking

Our Partner app has a simple UI that enables your scorekeeper to also track stats. We’ve optimized the tool in the real world to take 15 minutes to learn, and for a sport like basketball, you’ll be able to track shooting percentages by player.

Staff Booking

While you can continue using an assigner, our tool enables you to easily deploy your staff across your matches. Using our “priority partner” system, it’s as easy as publishing a schedule, and letting your team do the rest.

Performance Management

Just like after an Uber ride, players are able to submit a satisfaction survey after every match (and about 40% of them will do so). This means you can see performance ratings for leagues, referees, and even sportsmanship data per team.

Mobile Admin

As a mobile-first platform, we have an easy to use set of admin tools in our Partner app. You can run your entire business from your phone, without missing a beat. We have a compatible desktop version as well where you can create schedules and handle communications.

Game Day Management

A great operation needs to be checklist simple. Our Partner app dynamically generates game-day tasks like preventing forfeits and no-shows, while enabling scorekeepers (or refs) to easily check players in.

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