How It Works

like a gym membership (sort of)


Instead of 8+ week seasons, we offer 4 week “rounds” offered back to back throughout the year, with one match per week.

Each player pays their own way, and if you're a subscriber, you can easily play for as long as you like. Playoffs occur every 3 months. Winners of each league compete in a City-Wide Tournament to be the ultimate champion.

1. Download the AREENA app
2. Find a league(s) you want to play in
3. Register as a Subscriber (monthly) or Drop-In (per game)
4. View your schedule, team scores, and stats in the app!

Visit our FAQs section at the bottom of this page for more information! Reach out to with any questions!


Stat Tracking

See your team's stats in a report after every match, track your progress over time, or find yourself on the leaderboard.

Team Formation

Don't have a full team? Not a problem. You can join a team that's a great fit as a free agent, and easily invite new friends to join anytime.

Skill Matching

We make sure every game is a blast by only matching you with teams at a similar skill level. We adjust your ranking after every match, taking into account not just if you won or lost, but how good the other team was.

Play Whenever

Hate playing late games? Can't get off work in time for early matches? Unlike any other league, we'll work you with and your team to schedule matches at a time that works for everyone.

Forfeit Prevention

Nothing is worse than driving out to play a match, only to have the other team no-show. We do everything possible to prevent this by tracking attendance in app and helping team's that are short find last minute subs.

Referee Quality

We allow every player to rate the referee after each match. Only the highest rated refs get to stay in our community, so you always have the best experience possible.


The AREENA app and leagues offer an immersive rec sports experience for adults, with stat tracking, skill matching, leaderboards and team messaging. Subscribe and play soccer or basketball year round, or pay by game or match with zero commitments.