Outdoor Soccer 7 v 7

Plano, TX, USA


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Outdoor Soccer 7 v 7


6pm - 10 pm

Plano, TX, USA

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Outdoor soccer on new state-of-the-art small synthetic-grass fields (~60x35 yards) with regulation sized goals. We play 7v7, including a goalie. Rules of play are standard FIFA with small modifications, including a no slide-tackling rule, unlimited subs, and no offsides. Stat tracking and video highlights on our social accounts are included. No shin guards are required.

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Available Divisions


Collegiate level, elite play


Experienced, athletic competition


Athletic, but with limited experience


Total Beginners

Quick Facts

7+ Players

Each team is required to have at least 7 subscribed players to be scheduled.

Coed 18

All players must be over Coed 18+, but there are no rules around gender. Everyone is welcome, and treated the same!

Jersey Required

All players must have a jersey in the color of their team (both home and away), with clearly visible numbers on front and back. If you don't have one, you can buy one from us for $6 before your first match.

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