May 15, 2024

Free Agents and Group Registration

Introducing free agent and group registration options for players with league organizer visibility and management capabilities.

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We're excited to announce significant updates to AREENA, our comprehensive mobile league management platform, designed to streamline your operations and enhance the experience for your players.

We continue to release new features quickly while staying close to the needs of league organizers across the country!

Free Agents

Players can now register as individuals without a team, in the Player App, and get placed by league organizers to help fill out rosters.

This feature makes it more flexible for players, more hands-off for league organizers, and ensures teams are full so seasons launch!

Free Agent Groups

Players can now register together in groups in the Player App, so they can sign up with friends even if they don't have a full team.

It's easy for players to invite friends to a group with a simple invite code and league organizers can place groups as needed to new and existing teams.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a versatile and user-friendly platform for sports league management.

We believe these enhancements will make managing your leagues more efficient and improve the overall experience for both adult league organizers and participants.


The AREENA app and leagues offer an immersive rec sports experience for adults, with stat tracking, skill matching, leaderboards and team messaging. Subscribe and play soccer or basketball year round, or pay by game or match with zero commitments.