May 15, 2024

New Feature: Period-Based Scorekeeping

AREENA's new Period-Based Scorekeeping enables league organizers to track more than just the final score for sports like volleyball, pickleball, baseball, etc.!

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We are excited to announce a powerful new feature designed to elevate your game management experience: Period-Based Scorekeeping.

This enhancement brings a new level of flexibility and precision when tracking scores across various sports and game formats.

Why Period-Based Scorekeeping?

Previously, our platform tracked only overall game scores. In a soccer match, for instance, you could simply record the final score (3-2).

While this works well for some sports, we recognized the need for more granular scoring options in others.

Introducing Enhanced Tracking Options:

With Period-Based Scorekeeping, you can now:

  • Track Scores Within Sub-Games: Perfect for games like pickleball, volleyball, and tennis, where matches are divided into sets. You can now track scores for each game within a best-of-# format (e.g., pickleball: first to 11 points wins a game).
  • Track Scores Within Periods: ┬áThis caters to sports like baseball, where recording scores by inning is crucial. Each inning's score is recorded separately but still contributes to the overall game score, without being considered a sub-game.

A Commitment to User Experience:

These updates reflect our ongoing dedication to providing a versatile and user-friendly platform for sports league management.

We believe these enhancements will make managing your recreational leagues more efficient and improve the overall experience for both adult league organizers and participants.


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