May 15, 2024

Qualities of a Good League

5 qualities of a good league to aim to deliver so players are happy, keep coming back, and tell their friends to join!

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After running leagues for the past 5 years and obsessing over player feedback, we’ve gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of designing, coordinating, and delivering a great recreational sports experience.

We’ve learned that this process can be challenging and discovered the importance of building great technology tailored to our staff and our players’ needs.

By doing so, we've streamlined our operations, transforming our organization into a well-oiled machine.

Through thousands of iterations, we've developed tools that not only benefit us but also empower other organizers to achieve similar success for their leagues. 

We’ve aimed to deliver these 5 qualities by creating the tools to help us do so:

1. Organized

A good league is organized with clear communication. Players are never confused about the schedule or venue, and any changes are communicated promptly and accurately. 

Use AREENA’s schedule interface and communications tool to ensure messages, like text or push notifications, are delivered at the right time to the right people.

2. Competitive

A good league is competitive and fun. Teams are evenly matched, exhibit good sportsmanship, and don’t get into fights.

Use AREENA’s team ratings to identify and address teams with behavioral issues.

3. Punctual

A good league ensures that all games begin on time. This requires teams to confirm their attendance in advance. It is essential to have staff who uphold these standards.

Use AREENA’s RSVP features and game day checklists to avoid attendance-related problems.

4. Fair

A good league has quality referees who aren’t afraid to blow the whistle and consistently make fair calls both ways.

Use AREENA’s digital assignor to ensure the best referees are working the majority of your games. This means they’re reliable and rated highly by players.

5. Safe

A good league prioritizes safety. All teams have good sportsmanship and “bad apples” are removed. Everyone feels heard and valued.

Use AREENA’s staff and team ratings to address these situations and conversations promptly, supported by real data.

Use AREENA to ensure your leagues are high quality, too. Watch your league ratings go up and your players come back, season after season!


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