February 24, 2022


Why we created the world's first "subscription" league, and how it works.

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We're on a mission to make it easier than ever to play sports as much (or as little) as you want. That's why we created the world's first "subscription" league.

How it Works

It's very similar to how a gym membership, or really any other subscription (like Netflix), works. The two biggest differences are:

  • We operate in 4 week "rounds" instead of months.
  • You are buying 4 matches, 1 per week, within a 4 week round.

As you are joining (or creating) a team, you will choose whether to be a subscriber or join as a "pay to play" member. When you check out as a subscriber, you pay for your first "round". All players pay their own way, so you never have to deal with pulling money together for a team fee. If you're joining a team that's currently playing, you'll pay a pro-rated amount depending on how many matches are left in the current round.

Each team is then required to have a minimum number of subscribers in order to be scheduled (the number depends on the league). Once your team has this number, your team will become "active". When the schedule is then released for the new round, your team will be placed in 4 matches, and all players on the team will be able to see these upcoming matches from the app.

A few weeks later, we'll let you know that a new round is coming, and remind all players to update their subscription status. You can unsubscribe anytime with no fees. Teams that don't have enough subscribers will be notified.

If you're team is good on players, then you'll automatically be charged, and your team scheduled once again. You can then keep going for as long as you like, without ever having to worry about re-registering your team!

What happens if you pay as a subscriber, but your team doesn't get scheduled?

You get your money back. You will automatically get "credits" back to your account, so that you can keep trying. Alternatively, you can get a full refund if you no longer want to try playing.

What is the Pay to Play option all about?

We created this flexible plan to allow players to pay for just one match at a time. If you're looking for ultimate convenience, it's a great option, but there are a couple important things to keep in mind:

  1. It's as much as 50% more expensive per match than the subscriber price.
  2. Players on this plan do not count toward the minimum player requirement. A team with only a few subscribers, but a lot of "pay to play" players, will therefore not get scheduled.


The AREENA app and leagues offer an immersive rec sports experience for adults, with stat tracking, skill matching, leaderboards and team messaging. Subscribe and play soccer or basketball year round, or pay by game or match with zero commitments.